Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amanda Luedeke is Back From the Dead - post 1

Note: I'm going to do a series of posts to kind of wrap up the past few years. A new chapter has begun in my life, and I just feel as though I need to take a minute and reflect on everything that has happened...things that I either couldn't or didn't feel comfortable talking about here, I can now share freely. So I apologize in advance if the posts feel a bit preachy or judgy. I just need to be able to take some time and sort through my thoughts. To catalog where I am at this moment in life. And I also need to catch everyone up. Because the good thing with all of this (one of the many good things) is that Swedish Pankakes is back!

It's been awhile.

Of course the obvious reason for my absence would be lack of interest. I mean how many people at any given time start a blog and then lose interest? Probably nearly everyone. But for me, it wasn't a lack of interest or a lack of content.

It was a lack of time.

Ugh, I hate myself for pulling the time card. Aren't we ALL too busy? Don't we ALL make choices each and every day in terms of how our time will be spent? And don't we all make time for what's really important?

So maybe instead of saying I didn't have the time, I should say that some things were going on that made this blog less of a priority. Way less of a priority.

Last summer, I became a literary agent with MacGregor Literary. Now this was one of the biggest blessings of my life, because I've seen the business...I know how rare it is that someone gets such an opportunity while they're still in their 20s. And I also know how even more rare it is that this should happen to someone who came from outside the publishing world. Someone who happened to be in the right place (for me, it was a Barnes & Noble) at the right time (during an author signing) and make the right impression (still not entirely sure how this part happened).

And so it started. After a year or so working as an assistant, I became an agent. The only problem, was that publishing money is slow money. You can work on a project for a year before you see so much as a dime in return. So, because Tad was unemployed, I had to keep my day job.

For the past year, my life looked something like this:

Work the day job: 8 - 5:30 pm
Go for a run/workout: 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Make and eat dinner: 7 - 8:00 pm
Work as an agent: 8pm - ???

Weekends involved a good dose of work.
Holidays, too.
Vacation time went to attending conferences.
And as for personal time?

As the summer of 2011 approached, things with agenting got more demanding. I had 5 clients. And then I had 10. 15. 20. I rearranged things with my day job to allow myself Wednesdays off and still that wasn't enough. I quit working out, dropped out of all my church commitments, abandoned this blog, and stopped hanging out with friends.

Was it fun? No.
Was it easy? Nope.
Was it worth it? ...

The world is full of people who say they want to do or be something. Of people who have dreams that they're waiting to realize. Goals that they're sitting on. Hopes and visions that they keep locked up in their head, waiting for someone else to do the dirty work or make that job offer or start up that business or finish that novel for them.

But the world is also full of people who take their dreams and goals and ambitions and do something with them. Self-starters, they're called. Entrepreneurs. Visionaries. And in some cases, workaholics.

This whole process has moved me from the first category, to the second. I was a thinker...a dreamer, and now I'm a doer. An achiever. I have a deeper understanding of what I'm capable of and the role that I play in this life that God has given.

And at this moment, the sky is the limit.

Friday was my last day working the day job. And tomorrow is my first day as a full time agent.

So was it worth it? You tell me.


  1. We are so happy for you, Amanda! Congratulations! (by the way, you ARE missed!)

  2. congratulations on your choices working for you.

  3. AMEN I wonder what all this stuff with Chip was going on! I still blog and ive lost all my readers. Including the ones who used to read every single post...I know there all gone but you keep doing what you love. Im so happy for you amanda and wish you the best.

  4. Hooray! I can relate to the whole dreamer to doer thing. From an early age, I dreamed of having a book published. And now . . . well, you were there. You know. ;)

  5. I just spoke at a high school on Wednesday and told all the students "Don't let anybody stomp on your dreams!" Looks like I should have had you alongside as living proof. God bless your path - the path God has set your feet upon. Eph 4:16 Under His direction, the whole body is fitted together perfectly, and each part in its own special way helps the other parts, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.
    Looks like you've found your "special way" my friend!

  6. Chasing a dream is always worth it, even if you discover the dream is not for you. But I don't think that will be the case with you. I think you've found your calling. :-)

  7. You're going to do great, and I'm REALLY glad we get to work together, Amanda. Looking forward to a bright future.

  8. Yay! This is awesome! I'm so happy for you :)

  9. Thank you everyone for the support! Day 1 as an agent has been a success.

  10. The Dead miss you. (But CONGRATS again!)
    - Zombie Boss

  11. I'm laughing that you chose the phrase, "To catalog where I am at this moment in life." tee hee - Michael

  12. So excited for you to be full time now. That's EXTREMELY exciting and both posts, part 1 and 2 are quite inspiring. You go girl!