Tuesday, December 20, 2011

what to do if...

Tad and I like to have game plans for tough situations. I think this all started after watching too many seasons of House. We’d see a fictionalized couple go through a horrific situation, and then we’d talk about it. Thanks to House, Tad knows whether to save my life or the baby’s (no, this is not hinting at anything) and we both know when to pull the plug.

But the other day, we were watching The Walking Dead, and I realized there was a topic that we’d yet to cover.



“If I turn into a zombie, I want you to just kill me.”




“I’m serious.”


“Don’t forget.”

Sigh. “Ok.”

Still not sure on what to do if he became a zombie. But I’m thinking he doesn’t want me pressing the issue.

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  1. The Walking Dead is brilliant! I feel like you'll understand me so much more. And yes, always best to iron out those important details of when to kill zombie people that you love.