Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bachelor of Arts in Awesomeness

So I'm in this process of creating an actual office for myself, which requires sifting through things and OH MAN, I REMEMBER THIS RANDOM THING FROM COLLEGE or high school or whatnot, because as I arrange this office area, I have to actually move stuff. Stuff that got tossed into this side room when we moved in a year ago and, well, there it's sat.

Anyway, I say this, because a moment ago I was poking around all of these boxes of good and bad memories, when I stumbled upon this envelope on the floor. Now I must say that this room isn't cluttered with stuff. So to stumble upon something without knowing it was there takes quite a bit of effort.

Especially when that something is your college diploma.

Alright, folks. Here's my big, bad confession. I've only looked at my diploma like twice in my life. I mean I'm pretty sure I checked it after receiving it to make sure it had my name spelled correctly. And I probably glanced at it after I pulled it out of my trunk (where it had lived for roughly a year post-graduation...because yes, I was that kid who left college with nothing but a car of possessions and $500 to my name...oh, and a diploma in the trunk. Quite Hallmark, wouldn't you say?). But other than those two probable events, I haven't looked at the thing.

Until now.

Am I the only one concerned by the fact that it nowhere states what my major was? I mean what happened to Bachelor of Arts in Dance or Bachelor of Arts in History or Bachelor of Arts in Guitar-Making? I mean this makes me look as though I had no major at all!! Just one of those "general studies" types, who end up working pottery studios where fifth grade birthday parties are held while the workers smoke pot in the back room!!!!!!

Okay, breathe. BREATHE, I SAY!!!!

But the school could so eeeeasily afford the stupid little protecitve tissue paper. Couldn't they afford ink for three more words? Three more simple, clarifying....


There has to be an upside--a way to turn this into a positive...

Like telling people I have a Bachelor of Arts in Medicine or Neurology or World Peace or ... SUPER MODELING.

You think they'll fall for it?


  1. So the million dollar question is: What was the Bachelor of Arts for?? I'm guessing it's not for Super Modeling...

    Very cool middle name I must say. :)

    1. My major was Professional Writing...though now I'm wondering if maybe I didn't complete all of the requirements or something??? Oh man. PANIC. haha

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. I look at it twice as well. LOL I find it hilarious that starting with you guys there was no FORT WAYNE on the dipolma and Upland death eaters absorbed us into Upland graduates. I also find it hilarious that the Taylor Magazines only publishes people who get a new OMG JOB or a Baby or married. Taylor really sticked off 2 years after i graduate. I dont know if i should blame Upland or Michael.

  3. That is funny. I recently cleared off all the clutter on my fireplace mantle in my "Art Room." This is the room where I write and create. I still have my MA in English diploma in the envelope. I have to get it framed. I wonder what it says. Now you have me thinking.
    And I have no idea where my BA diploma. Hmmm...

    I am glad I found your blog. I enjoyed this post.

    I set up two of my antique typewriters to book end my Masters (MA in Creative Writing) diploma. Since that is my primary focus now -- I want to showcase it. I do worry the antique typewriters will come crashing down though. At least the mantle got cleared off.

    Great post.

  4. It's amazing how often universities do that! I don't remember if my bachelor's diploma specified it, but I know my master's states my specific degree. But at least your major is on your transcript. Or it should be... might wanna check that... I mean, it may say "underwater basket-weaving" or something. :O