Monday, February 15, 2010

Boring Email Addresses - The New Cool


These are just a few of my internet aliases over the years.

Should I go on?


Ok, so maybe that last group was fake, but I think you get where I’m headed here. There is a point in every internet user’s life when it’s time to grow up.Time to adopt a plain and boring alias.

For some, it may look like:


For others:


And still for others:


But no matter how boring or dull, it’s better. Better for job hunting. Better for making new friends. Better for winning the maturity race.

And somehow when you’re standing at the register at Express or Ethan Allen and they ask for your email, it’s a whole lot less embarrassing to spout out something boring than it is to whisper

Way less embarrassing.


  1. hahaha yep amanda to think my AOL NAME WAS B007JSS
    its still around but i hardly use it LOL ROFL!! memories amanda thank you

  2. Funny. Just the other week this woman at the hotel we were staying at was persistently trying to give Ryan and I an insurance quote. Finally, after 40 minutes of her pestering (while Ryan was trying to read and I was on the internet), we gave in. When it came to giving her my email address, I of course, did not want to give her my boring adult email address (I try to keep that one junk free). So, instead I gave her my old email address bluejeanne804. After I told her the email address she commented " interesting...". I'm hoping it scared her away and I will not be getting any junk mail from her.

  3. haha. If anything, she probably thought you were younger than she had expected.