Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gym Rat

The only thing worse than being surrounded by sweaty, farty guys is when the treadmill beside you is suddenly occupied by some chick who just spent the past five minutes outside with Mr. Marlboro.


It's rude to be judgemental at the gym. Everyone is there for the same reason, pretty much. But going five minutes super fast on the elliptical at a resistance level so low I can hear the wheel inside loosely clanking as it spins isn't going to get you ahead of the pack.


I may or may not have used a blow dryer in the locker room to rid myself of some of my head sweat before heading to IHOP for free pancake day.


I may or may not have accidentally been looking at some guy's butt sweat when he happened to catch me in the action thanks to the gym's bazillion mirrors. Oops. (This guy was also wearing a garbage bag shirt...why oh why wasn't I looking at THAT?)


I may or may not have a fear of butt sweat.


What would YOU say if you were sweating it out on the elliptical, while totally enamored by this History Channel special on Adolph Hitler's charisma (and how he may or may not have had magic devil powers of persuasion), and out of nowhere some guy comes bustling up, ready to change the channel, and says:

"Are you watching this?"

How do you answer that? Is there any acceptible way of owning up to actually ENJOYING a special on Hitler? Is that even allowed?

"Nein....Uh, I mean no. No. No, I'm not watching that at all. You may change the channel to whatever you like."

(He was unable to find a worker to help him change it, so I had to spend the rest of the workout sneaking glances at the subtitles...because I felt that guy's eyes on me...as if he was saying "Yeah, I knew you were watching that. You horrible, horrible person. You should be ashamed.")


  1. I hate the remote control issues in a gym. Most people feel they have to explain what they're watching. Or, they deny they want the remote until you completely reject it, at which point they eagerly take it and clearly have the channels memorized...it's such an awkward social interaction.

    We have a fitness room in our building, and almost everybody who uses it is male. They watch the news. I do not want to watch a 24-hour news channel while I run. I watch Gilmore Girls. And I do not apologize.

    Poor men.

  2. all this and no mention of our beauty school drop out ... she's becoming a legend in the league of gym employees

  3. Katie - I always secretly hope FRIENDS pops up on the tvs.

    Cassie - Somehow, I feel bad telling the world that she spells ERICA as EIRCA and that she decided Social Mediator was an ok substitution for my profession of Social Media Coordinator.

    I just feel bad.

  4. she was there again tonight ... only not working, i think she comes to "work out" so she can flirt with her meathead coworker