Thursday, February 11, 2010


After watching a sitcom in which the boyfriend got the girlfriend every cliche Valentine's gift he could think of just because it was his first Valentine's day while in a relationship, I turned to Tad.

"You got me that Spongebob our first Valentine's together," I said, referencing the small, plush toy that now sits on our bookcase. We had only been dating a month, so the gift was quite appropriate.

"Yup," Tad said, smiling.

Then, he added, "And I never got you anything since."

Sad, but true. I was just happy to know that my inability to recall subsequent years' V-day gifts wasn't a sign of relationship apathy. It was simply a reflection of the truth.

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  1. HAHAHAHAH i think i remember this Amanda! we where in the dining commons and you where failing it around. It was rather hilarious.....