Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Four Years Later ...

The last time my friend Brad and I visited the Fort Wayne Memorial Coliseum together, this happened:

About 50 pictures of us trying to be emo.

Can you blame us? We had gone there to see DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL.
And at that time he wasn't even cool anymore.

John was there.

Thom, too. Good times were had by all.

Well, this Friday Brad and I are headed to the Colisum again, but I'm hoping we'll have something else to show for it. This time, we're volunteers for Compassion International at a MercyMe concert. I know, I know, the perks that come with sponsorship ...

I'm not too excited about the MercyMe aspect (I mean how can they come close to Chris Carrabba, four years after his prime?), but I AM excited at the thought of helping other children get sponsors. I can only imagine how the evening will go ...

Cue parody.

Surrounded by those prospects, what will my self do?
Will I pass out the pamphlets or stand behind the booth?
Will I hide in a corner or to the stage will I be called?
Will I fetch people water, will I do anything at all?
I can only imagine

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