Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wisconsin in a Nutshell (or should I say "in a Cheese Wax"?)

1) Expect many roadside attractions. (i.e. The Wisconsin Dells. Jellystone Park. The House on the Rock, a very boring place that sells CHEESE)

2) Expect gigantic statues at nearly every highway gas station. (i.e. a giant orange moose, a huge mouse holding some cheese, an enormous man cradling a sausage and cheese, a jumping deer, etc). I apologize for not taking photos of each of these ... maybe next time.

3) Expect major highway construction.

4) Expect a genuine love for CHEESE. And not just any cheese, but CHEESE in ALL CAPS on a giant sign facing the highway again and again, exit after exit.

5) And then expect to buy some of that cheese because the smaller (but still fairly large) sign lures you in with its hilarity.

6) Expect to choose the cheese sticks over the curds, because the curds look nasty.

7) Expect it to be delicious.


  1. Boo! I love The House on the Rock! But I guess I can see how it would be boring. Overall, I your Wisconsin description is VERY accurate!

  2. Excuse the typo in the previous post. UGH!

  3. Lovely post, great shots!
    Just stumbled on your lovely blog. Glad I did....
    Have a happy weekend!!

  4. Saskia!!!! I can't believe you're here!

    Amanda this is Saskia, my friend from The Netherlands. We're stopping at her place on Monday for our beach blog vacation.

    Saskia, this is Amanda, my friend from, well you already know that now. I was going to comment on my life philosophy, "ANYTHING with cheese!" but this is so much more fun!

  5. Welcome, Saskia!
    So glad you stopped by!!!