Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ghetto Baby Strikes Again

For the full story on our new car, Ghetto Baby, go here to learn about naming cars and then here to learn about Ghetto Baby's first incident. I really do insist. It will make this post so much more interesting.

Well folks. He/She did it again (our car is androgynous). Our new Toyota that we so lovingly (and aptly) christened Ghetto Baby, had another quasi run-in with the law. But this time, the stakes were high. Real high.

I received a letter in the mail about 3 weeks after we purchased Ghetto Baby from the people who hold our loan. The letter said we didn't have proper coverage and therefore they could not follow through on the loan until we changed that.

But proper coverage, it turned out, was the least of our worries.

Customer Service: "Now Miss Amanda, you say you have full coverage?"

Me: "Yes."

CS: "And that's for the 2005 Corolla, VIN# xxxxxxxxx?"

Me: "Yes."

CS: "And you and your husband Tad and Mr. Guido are on the policy?"

Me: "Um, what?"

CS: "You, Tad, and Guido? Or Deeto? Maybe Neeto?"

Me: "I don't know who that last person is."

CS: "He's on the policy, Ma'am."

Me: "But I don't know him. I've never heard of him before in my life."

CS: "...This says you're keeping the Corolla in storage?"

Me: "What?!"

CS: "This coverage says that the Corolla is in storage. Did you buy the car from Mr. Neeto?"

Me: "No. We bought it from a dealer."

CS: (very abruptly) "Hold on one minute, Ma'am."

So at this time, I'm freaking out, because clearly the only solution is that Ghetto Baby really is a Ghetto Baby and was stolen or something. Tad immediately got online, looking up what to do if you accidentally buy a stolen car, who to talk to, how to come out without jail time. Stuff like that. But of course, because I was dealing with insurance people and loan people, the answer wasn't easily available. So after five days of wondering whether our Ghetto Baby had lived a life we only hear about from the movies, the answer came.

Mr. Neeto. Or Deeto. Or Guido, had failed to take Ghetto Baby off his insurance when he traded it in. One phone call and boom. He was off our policy and Tad and I could sleep, knowing our Ghetto Baby had pulled another fast one. Ah, the future with this car looks bright.

But all things considered, at least it's not like my other cars.

I just wish he/she wasn't such a wangster.


  1. holy cow talk about an adrenaline rush yikes!

  2. You should get a refund, considering Mr. Guido was still paying to insure the car for the last couple months...

  3. This could almost become a short story.

    "The Many Lives of Ghetto Baby"