Saturday, May 1, 2010

Around the Fort: Abby Brown's Chocolates

State Street, though known for its narrow lanes, bazillion stoplights and surprising number of car dealerships, is much loved for the portion known as Old Town (or maybe it's Old Towne? or Olde Town? It's hard to tell. I can't ever take the time to read the sign, as I'm always too busy trying to not sideswipe the car in the lane next to me).

Old Town is full of quaint specialty shops and restaurants. Abby Brown's Chocolates is one of them.

Priding itself as the candy store for adults, Abby's is full of chocolate delights, presented in an old-fashioned way. Among the barrels of delicacies and jars of sweets, Cassie (my partner in crime) and I saw Lemon Cheesecake Fudge, Swedish Fish, Giant Malted Milkballs, Chocolate-covered Oreos, and Cherry Cordials.

It was staffed by an older woman who made fun of Fort Wayne the whole time (which I thought was hilarious). She came here from Denver.
I wanted to ask her if she was Abby Brown, but I figured that would probably be weird. And awkward, if she wasn't.
Come to think of it, it would be awkward if she was, too. Because what do you say after that? "Awesome." And then silence.

Contrary to the photo, it wasn't too overwhelming, and, because you could buy it by the piece, price wasn't a problem.

I came out with an 8 oz. bag of chocolate-covered pecans and a 4 oz. bag of gummi bears. I think I paid somewhere around $4.50.

And the verdict? Well, I'm no chocolate conniseur, but I really had a hard time stopping myself from eating the whole bag of pecans. There was something caramel-y about the chocolate. And the pecans were so deliciously roasted (not sure they do that there in the shop, but still).

Tad still hasn't sampled the gummis, but I'm sure they'll be excellent.

Abby Brown's Chocolates
Mmm Factor: MMMM (4 of 5 Mmms)
Atmosphere: 5 of 5 (for the Norman Rockwell feel)
Authenticity: 5 of 5
Overall Experience: 4 of 5 (the lady was kind of weird at first, but warmed up later. I think she was just ready to get out of there ... it was 5:30 on a Friday, after all. They close at 6.)


  1. matt loved his swedish fish

    i haven't given away the chocolates yet ... i'll see how well they go over

    it was a cute little store, not what i had pictured, but cute nonetheless

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