Monday, May 31, 2010

YouCut, You Save

It's striking that in a county so strong with patriotism and activism and prosperity, we are unable to restrain ourselves from federal spending. It's striking that in a country won by the blood of thousands, we repay that with a ridiculous national deficit.

It's striking that the very country for which men and women have fought and died is being defeated from within.

In honor of Memorial Day. In honor of those who gave their lives and those who served faithfully. In honor of this country that is hailed as the greatest country in the world, I'd like to share about YouCut.

This isn't about taking sides or pointing fingers. It's not about left versus right or picking apart programs that actually help people. It's about recognizing careless spending and getting control of a national debt that threatens the United States of America.

YouCut gives you, the citizen, the chance to vote on the program that you believe should be cut from the national budget. Your decision could result in millions or billions of dollars saved.

Then, at the end of each week, Congressman Eric Cantor presents the winning program to the House. They vote on whether to open the topic for debate. Their resulting vote is then emailed to you at the end of the week with a prompt to vote on the next string of programs.

Aside from voting in elections, this is the closest we can get to having a voice on Capitol Hill and saving our country from its embarrassing debt.


  1. Hi nice blog. Just curious but why the name "swedish pancakes?"

  2. There's an old financial principles: "When the ark is sinking, throw out the elephant first." There's a huge elephant in the US budget, so I say "let's cut the war funding." If we weren't spending a billion dollars a day in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan, maybe we could actually CUT the budget.

  3. That's interesting...I'll check out the link. :)

  4. Thanks for the link, Amanda. I casted my vote.