Friday, May 28, 2010

solving the world's problems one oil leak at a time

Figure A

Some time last week, Tad found this hilarious article and told me it sounded like something I would say. It was then that I shared with him my ideas on minimizing damage from a tsunami. (I had developed these ideas after that one tsunami hit not too long ago).

1. Make every building float. This way, when the tsunami hits, you can just ride it out like a surfer on a wave.
2. Build every building in the shape of a triangle. A point of the triangle faces the water. When the tsunami comes, it is quickly divided and must flow up the streets. (See Figure A)

And probably my best idea yet:
3. Construct a giant mesh screen/vegetable strainer to run along the coast. This way, when the tsunami comes, it will smash into the strainer and out the other side will come a gentle mist.

Although I think he was a bit scared at my eagerness for outlandish ideas, I must confess I am a sucker for a nonsensical yet sensical option. Consider my recent Facebook discussion:

AMANDA LUEDEKE wonders why the oil leak people haven't thought of duct tape.
ZACH: that would be too easy
DAVID: Yeah, but all the bureaucratic RED tape would get in the way.
HUNTER: The long answer is long, the short answer is that a mile down, the pressure is 2000 lbs psi, and 2000 lbs psi is a LOT.
AMANDA LUEDEKE: Ok, fine. Maybe they should try a huge wad of chewing gum, instead.
HUNTER: Apparently golf balls + tires are next. I've got to say, I do like their naming conventions. "OPERATION: TOP KILL" "OPERATION: JUNK SHOT" Who is in charge of this, Jim Phelps?

So just keep me in mind when you're facing a horrible disaster. I'm sure I'll be able to construct a way out of it.

I mean, HELLO! I totally survived this:

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  1. actually watched a fantastic "extreme engineering" that sought to create a pyramid-shaped floating city that would withstand a tsunami to sit in the bay in front of tokyo to protect it from the direct force. fascinating. and maybe you have a future!