Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'll have the Hubble

I am not a science-y person. I’m a curious person, yes. And I’m relatively good at thinking things through and coming up with creative (though inaccurate) explanations of natural phenomena.

But overall, I am not science-y. In fact, I’d say I’m rather unscience-y. To the point where I look like an idiot on occasion. Like when visiting Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry.

It was one of those days when my I’m-not-afraid-of-anything attitude was leading the charge, and I boldly stepped up to the museum cashier guy, leaving my friends behind me. After finding out that I needed one general admission ticket, he asked if I wanted to do the IMAX movie thing.

Well of course! Who wouldn’t! This is a carefree girls weekend, by golly, so of course we’ll pay the extra dollars to sit in a giant dome for thirty minutes!!

“Alright, which movie would you like to view?” He asked.

Uh …

I looked at the board (where I can assume all of the movies were clearly labeled and explained so that the average joe could find one to his liking and move on), but couldn’t decipher it for the life of me. I looked at my friends. There was some mumbling, after which one of them shouted “HUBBLE!” and I responded with “Hubble??” to their assurance of “Hubble!”.

At this point I internally freaked out, because NO MOVIE ABOUT SCIENCE COULD POSSIBLY BE CALLED HUBBLE … a children’s movie, maybe. Or perhaps a romantic comedy. But not a deeply-involved scientific documentary.

I gave them a few more questioning looks and received a few more nods of assurance and mouthed forms of "hubble" before I turned to the cashier guy and said in the most questioning tone allowed that would still qualify as a statement,

“I’ll have the Hubble.”

Not my brightest moment, but I guess it was worth it, because come to find out, the Hubble is a ginormous telescope that takes super-detailed pictures of really far away stuff.

And the best part?
Its life is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio!

Maybe I should get a little more into this whole science thing.


  1. Bill Nye the science will change your life. Disney made him :D

  2. It might possibly be funnier in this blog that it was while it was actually happening - and it was pretty funny then, too.