Monday, June 21, 2010


1. Yesterday, I announced on Facebook that I’ve joined team Jacob, after which I seriously considered dedicating a blog post to my new-found allegiance until I realized how juvenile of me that would be so then I just decided to do nothing until Tad chastised me about liking Jacob over Edward because Jacob clearly does not become a werewolf. He becomes a Dire Wolf. Get it right, Stephenie Meyer. Couldn’t you at least read a Dungeon Master’s Guide or something before writing a bestseller that features sacred folklore? – Tad

2. While we’re on the subject of vampires and werewolves (at this point the out-of-touch crowd goes vampires? I thought we were talking about werewolves!) let me take a moment to lament my paleness:

On Saturday when we decided to take a trip to Huntington to visit a game store, I thought it would be nice to ride with my arm out the window. Thirty minutes later, my arm was pink.

It was pink for an entire day before it settled to a slightly darker shade than my other arm.
I hope now people understand why I am pale by choice.

3. Tad is on team Edward.

4. He does not allow me to break out into the Broadway musical’s “Jacob! Jacob and sons …” song when Jacob comes on screen. In fact, I think he has put that on the list of things I’m not allowed to say. That and “I don’t like Robin Williams”. (There's more, but I can't keep track of all of them ...)

5. And finally, I would like to say something to everyone who has ever said that I’m too critical and I need to lighten up and actually enjoy a movie or a book (or even life) every now and then without making fun of the dialog or predicting the plot line or hating on the characters …

(If you're wondering, yes, you should click there.)


  1. That's so fun and exciting Amanda! (Clearly I clicked on Ha!)

  2. Manders...children's and YA! You've got to give me all the latest info!!!!!

  3. I don't know why someone would want to be on team Edward. He sparkles... and stares at people while they sleep. Eek.

    As a side note, I got talked into sitting through "New Moon" on its opening day. I liked it much better than the first one. Only burst out laughing twice (popcorn rained out of the sky on top of me the second time... coincidence?).

    Jacob is cool. Welcome to the team. haha

    And CONGRATS on being made a literary agent!!

  4. LOL, didn't realize the Ha thing for a minute. I'm not sure which one I like better...I've heard interesting analyses on it all, and what they represent to Bella. I'm probably partial to Edward as a hero.
    Sorry about your arm!

  5. Speaking of "HA!", you should read all the comments. Especially the one from Word Wangle.