Sunday, July 18, 2010


After watching Inception, I simply must must must say something about Leonardo DiCaprio's hair ... because seriously, does his stylist EVER suggest ANYTHING other than the slicked back, quasi-bowl cut that he wore for Titanic?

Ok, so he got away from it a bit for The Departed. (And for those two hours of my life, I began to see what Leo-mania was all about).

But then Shutter Island happened.

And now Inception.

And his hair is back, my friends. It's back.

For a glimpse of Leo then, go here.
For a glimpse of Leo in the mid-career, go here.
For a glimpse of Leo now, other than what you see above, go here.

The hair remains.

Inception was wonderful, by the way.


  1. Yes it was :D I still love Dark Knight. Nolan is my fav director

  2. Oh, my, I thought I was the only one who cared about his hair. Please change stylists, Leo! But you didn't go back far enough... check out the hair on Growing Pains. Betcha if we checked a baby photo, he'd have the same look.

  3. LOL! The hair on Growling Pains too. That's funny. He must really like his own forehead...

  4. Hah, yes GROWING PAINS. haha. I'm beginning to think he really needs to find a woman.

  5. Do you think his hair looked like that while he was narrating Hubble?