Sunday, August 29, 2010

Russell Crowe at church

I lied in church on Sunday.

It all happened so fast. Suddenly, I heard Pastor Randy ask for a show of hands as to who had all seen Gladiator. Hands shot up across the sanctuary, and as I turned to scan the room, there it was. My little Judas. My left hand hung in the air, telling everyone in the room that yes, I had seen Gladiator.

But I have not seen Gladiator.

Imagine my horror. My embarrassment. My utter mortification. I had lied in the House of God! And for what? A Russel Crowe movie?

The shame.

I dropped my hand into my lap, hoping no one had seen.

But when Randy continued with a follow-up question, asking who in the room liked Russell Crowe, I breathed a sigh of relief as my hand truthfully stayed down.

A little lie about Gladiator was one thing.
But if I had lied about liking Russell Crowe ... well, that would be an entirely different ballgame.