Wednesday, October 27, 2010

about things and goings-ons (insert clever post title here)

I’ve been waiting for over a year now to celebrate my Swedish Name Day on this here blog, and what do you know? It came and went and I didn’t say a word. Blast. Well, I’ll get it next year.

The truth of the matter is that I’ve just been too freaking busy. It shows, I know. My posts are few and far between (not that anyone cares) and yet my life is offering up so much good blog fodder that it’s driving me crazy. So just please bear with me. This too shall pass … eventually. Maybe in 2012 when the world comes to an end?

To talk a bit about my busyness, I’d like to direct you to MacGregor Literary’s website. Oh yeah. That tween in the family photo on the home page? That’s me. But I’m not a tween. And that’s not my family. They’re my co-workers.

I’m a Literary Agent! And I feel so very blessed to be given this opportunity. So blessed, in fact, that this post about me feeling sad because I’m older than Jay Cutler and have nothing to show for it is suddenly a bit ridiculous. Because Ha! At least I’m on a winning team!!

P.s. My bio pic is way cuter.


  1. How about Kyle whats his face who gets drunk with Cutler from Denver yeah those broncos are a shining example as well lol

  2. You (1 year, 1 month older) can be my Jay Cutler and everyone else on that list. Though socially I do have the hockey photo thing going for me.

  3. Katie - Oh yes, AND you have the Komets desktop background thing going for you ... not to mention YOU MADE IT ON THE BIG SCREEN!

  4. "My posts are few and far between (not that anyone cares) "

    i care. a lot. i check it everyday...and...nothin

  5. also, you're right, your bio pic is way cute!

  6. It's a lovely photo. And your corporate shirts look very nice in that natural habitat too. Go team!