Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mom Pom

This is my mom:

It's her birthday today.

She's 42 years old.

Ok, I lied.

She's 45.

Ok, I lied again.
She's actually quite a bit older than 45. But I won't say how much older. Because if you can't guess her real age, then that's your problem.

Just one of the perks of good vampire genes, I guess.

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you!!


  1. You all look young...
    And Amanda, you don't look much different to me than you did those years ago when I took pictures of you and Ryan in my studio... (I think I remember that Ryan dressed up by wearing one of his beloved ties). It was many years ago... You are still beautiful with a wonderful smile.
    Happy Birthday Pamela...

  2. you look so much like your dad :D

  3. haha ... thanks Jo! I vaguely remember the photo session. But I DO remember hanging out at your house from time to time. That, and marrying Lew at one point when we were playing make believe or something like that :)