Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Running Fear

The rational and irrational fears I have while running outside:

1. A bug will fly into my mouth (this has not happened, but plenty of bugs have flown into my eye)

2. I will trip and fall in front of someone (this has happened)

3. Dusk will come sooner than anticipated and a guy on a moped will drive onto the grass to talk to me (this has happened)

4. My lung will pop (this has not happened, but it did happen to my friend Kyle whilst he was running uphill)

5. My knees will snap and bend in the opposite direction (this has not happened to anyone I know, but it is horrifying to think about)

6. My keys will fall out of my armband and I won’t realize it (this hasn’t happened, but could)

7. Two children will decide to simultaneously pass me from behind on their bicycles, one on each side (this happened and I was so surprised at seeing the child on my right that I overcompensated and crashed into the child on my left)

8. Children will see me and run into their homes (this has happened)

9. Children will see me and talk to me (this has happened)

10. I will see someone I know (this has happened, both when I’ve been running with my contacts in and when I haven’t).

Thankfully, while running, I have zero fear of dogs. In fact, I welcome them and secretly wish that the ones roaming freely in their yards would follow me so that I could either run for a bit with my hand on their heads (if they’re big enough) (this has happened) or if they’re small enough, stop, pick them up and say, “Let’s find your parents, you poor, poor doggy.” (This has not happened … yet.)


  1. Oh dear Amanda everytime i hear your running stories...I am reminded of creepy people...I love it keep it up :)

  2. This made me laugh. I'm so sorry you ran into that other kid when the two bikes came around you. That's an American's Funniest moment. I say you are due $10,000 for that one.

    I love that you are afraid of children talking to you. What do they say?

    I notice that you are not afraid of a car hitting you from behind. That's my fear while running on the road. Not just a car. A semi truck.

    Yet I live in John Day... so it would probably be a truck carrying a load of cows or pigs.

  3. Jill - Happy to make you laugh! Yeah, that kid thing was just terrible ... and the girl that I crashed in to just kept apologizing the entire time as I like ran into her bike and then did my best to hold her up so that she wouldn't fall down.

    Kids have only talked to me a few times. The one time I remember came during an afternoon run (A marathon had gone through their neighborhood that morning). The kid was like "did you run in the race today?". This was particularly horrible because I had INTENDED on running in the race ... I just hadn't had the time to train. SO I was like "no. No I didn't." and then I pouted.

    Hah! There aren't semis where I run. But I did find a corn husk just lying on the side of the neighborhood road once. and you think John Day is po-dunk ...