Saturday, October 10, 2009

Celebrating Winter and Slipper Boots

These are my blips. They are one of my most favored possessions. Imagine my joy when the thermometer hit the 40's this past week and our apartment heater still had not been turned on.

Pure joy.

The Psalm of Winter
The cold is my friend. I shall not want.
It makes me lie under layers of blankets. It leads me to the kitchen for coffee and hot coco. It restores my damaged hair.
Yea, though I struggle through the hottest parts of the year, I shall fear no sunburn. For the cold will soon be with me.
Its layered sweaters and slipper boots (blips), they comfort me. It covers my neck with scarves, my lungs overflow.
Surely cute outfits and un-sweaty palms will follow me all the days of winter.
And I will dwell in the flurries of its snowfall forever.

(These are my other pair of blips . . . Tad is making it a tradition to get me a new pair every winter. These are my Christmas 07 blips. The other aforeshown pair is from Christmas 08)


  1. If you read my blog on shoes and hair. You would KNOW Boots on Women are SO CUTE in my opinion. I love winter too Not just because of the season but because Women bring the cutest boots ever. I cant stop looking at their feet there so cute....(ok i know this sounds creepy) but I just love girl boots. There adorable.....way to go amanda.

  2. As a knitter, these boots excite me. I saw 2 girls wearing some a few weeks ago, and went "mwahahahaha!"

    They ARE cute!

  3. Amanda, my heart is blessed! ~Love, Dad

  4. I love the psalm of winter. cheers!