Thursday, October 22, 2009

Modeling Tips and Tricks with Tyra

Tyra says that you can't simply strike a pose and be a supermodel. You have to work at it. You have to spend hours in the mirror, exercising the various muscles in your face until you find the angle and look that reflects light in the best way possible off your face*. Making you more stunning, more beautiful, more supermodel material than ever before.

Models who do not find their perfect angles and who do not play with and use the muscles in their face are doomed to a portfolio of the ho and the hum.

While I've yet to spend hours in the mirror, analyzing the way the light bounces off my face, I did decide to see what a difference exercing face muscles can make. And boy have my eyes been opened!

Here I am doing my best look-to-the-right-but-keep-it-scandallous-with-a-slightly-parted-mouth:

And here I am doing the same pose with a few tightened face muscles (!):

Here I am doing the look-at-the-camera-but-act-disinterested pose:

And here it is with a bit of a facelift--what magic! Note how I go from disinterested to secretive:

And, finally, the over-the-shoulder-look-of-rebellion:

A few muscle tweaks here and there, and now we're talking (!). Look at how it brightens:

Well, I certainly learned a lot and I highly recommend this activity to anyone who wishes to one day be photogenic.

*Tyra also says that this process can be easily achieved if you already know how to wiggle your ears. I kid you not; she said that.


  1. hahaha You need some music like Madonna's "Vogue" in the background. hahahah Very impressed. Im sure i will do that come halloween :)

  2. Oh my Lord...

    Is this what you do when Tad is gone? You know you have friends...

  3. Um...I actually did this back when I was unsuccessfully trying to take 'before' pictures of my hair...the pictures weren't turning out that well and then I remembered what Tyra said...

  4. These photos scare me..but they gave me a good laugh. :)

  5. Whoa so interesting. I never realized you have to "workout" your face muscles to strike a pose well. I guess Tyra would know!