Saturday, October 31, 2009

Male Fashion, 1995-2005

On this day of costumes and creepers, let's take a look at some guy style that used to separate the men from the boys:

Adidas Sandals
What could be more comfortable and stylish than Adidas sandals worn with socks? NOTHING! That's why boys pimped this style well into the 00's.

Compound Cargo Pants

No more suffering through the sweltering day, boys. These cargo pants not only have all the pockets you could ever want, they also have hidden zippers that convert them to shorts! Unzip partially or completely, depending on your desired body temperature! Envious bystanders will stand in awe while you casually roll the detached portions and stuff them in one of your pockets! This style was so hip, it followed me through high school.

Hemp Necklaces

Calling all manly men who are too young to get their parents' permission to get their ears pierced--hemp necklaces are the answer to your problem! Want to feel rebellious without any pain? Want to appear tribal without leaving your backyard? Want to make girls wonder whether you're a surfer or a preppy meathead? Here's your chance! (I still see this style on occassion)

The Bowl Cut

Raise your hand if you idolize Moe from the Three Stooges! This style went strong through the 90's. Its fashion-forward appeal was so tempting, that eventually we saw it on grown women.

Frosted Hair

Even the stars jumped on this one. Getting your hair frosted meant compliments and congratulations from guys and girls alike. For the first time young guys looked forward to their hair appointments, and instead of settling for Great Clips, they visited salons and specialists. Curly, straight, long, short, nothing escaped the frosting. And can we ever forget the proud and the few who would frost their bangs and then stick them straight up?


  1. So... I should toss the cargo pants and ditch my Adidas slaps? (The hemp necklace is STAYING, bay-bee!)

  2. Amanda I love this. I did a girls fashion post a while back. I love that our blogs are amazing. I had the frosted hair all the way until chad and trishelles wedding. SICK and gross glad i dont do it anymore, ICK. I still have ONE pair of compound cargo pants, and I NEVER worse Adidas Sandlas....your amazing Amanda.......2005 is when frosted hair did die.......january 2006 was the last time i wore to chad and trishelles wedding. SICK.......thanks amanda i needed that.

  3. Ha! I had those adidas shoes..they weren't very comfortable but they were trendy so I had to have them.

  4. Come on, no one's one's owning up to the bowl cut?