Thursday, October 29, 2009

Living Within Means

According to the government, I made about $15,000 a year. I had my own apartment. Student loans. Other miscellaneous bills. And what did I decide to do? Purchase a fancy schmancy European car.

Smart move, there.

Now, two broken windows, a broken lock, a busted AC hose, $1100 in wheel work, $500 in a purge valve, $300 in a serpentine belt, $500 in tires, and $2200 in transmission work later, she's up on Craigslist. I finally realized that she's outside my means. She's always been outside my means.

It happened right after we had the transmission work done. We took her to Dayton, thinking the worst was behind us. Assuming we could now focus on some of her cosmetic problem (like the windows). Until she wouldn't start the next day. Two or three trips to the mechanic later, and we find out she needs $600 of work. Nice. Real nice.

Will anyone want her? Probably not. She needs some work, and I really don't want to take less for her than I'd get in a trade in. But I'm hoping. Hoping that she's within SOMEONE'S means. . . . Or at least that someone will be just as stupid as I was those three years ago and get caught up in her cuteness and German accent.

Auf wiedersehen, Mary Jane.

At least her butt is cute.


  1. Your getting Rid of her!??!!? GASP!!! ok ok I have to say anytime a car has died or been ruined.

    1. Get a Ford (even thought they are fix or repair daily and Walt disney used it in the 1964 world fair (Stupid move on his part)

    2. Get a toyota. She still works!!! i got her in 2002. Shes lasted me till this day.....the maintence may cost a bit but once you get a japanese car its hi op for like 15-20 year i Promise you this.....but alas my toyota is getting older she has 107,000 miles on it....So just some suggestions.

    Also Cragislist stinks Go with Ebay youll get great offers on Ebay......Craigslist has theives and liars on there FYI.

  2. Yeah, Amanda... watch out for the liars.