Thursday, October 15, 2009

On Literature and Those Who Live Forever

Black and white movies. Books with now yellowed pages. Music that crackles and voices that sound altered, tin-like and strange. These are the things of long ago. Things that I associate with a time and place that was before my existence and therefore not a part of my reality.

And then, every now and then, someone from that other world will step in and remind me that what and who is now considered classic and timeless was only a few short decades ago considered new and current.

Elizabeth Taylor. The Dalai Lama.

And yet others will remind me that the evil and unfathomable of the past still lives. Still breathes.

Charles Manson. Fidel Castro.

And then there are times when those who I thought long dead, are proven to be alive. Unexpected in my little world of the present. In my world where the actors and actresses of the black and white movies died with the invention of color. Where the authors and writers of literature now shelved in the "classics" section, ceased to exist with the invention of computer cataloging and success of Stephen King. Where the musicians of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus songs disappeared with the start of MTV.

In these moments I see the connectedness of things and begin to realize what it is to grow old.

Today, I found that Harper Lee and JD Salinger are still alive. Such a thought does not seem fathomable.

For an interesting view, see the death list.


  1. hahah I love old things and black white. I jus restarted going through all my Walt Disney treasures. Its like i grew up with these old cartoons that where made in 1928-1999. If fact i did I watched them after homeschool in California. Donald DUck kept me company while i ate chocolate covered raisens (oh i miss those days) I dont know how many people have seen the Donald Duck cartoon where he has a snow ball fight with his nephews. (instant classic but it was made i nthe 40's! (Mouse house Club House was the last short cartoons to ever be made (30's and 40's of cartoons is where they where at there peak. Also Looney Tunes rivarling Disney.... as well!! I also loved Gone with the Wind, and as many 75 year old WB films....LIke Casablanca and more. I really liked this post amanda Because I am into the past and I thought Dick Clark was dead at one point turns out he never died yet......and keeps fighting back with his "rockin new year"

    Awesome post amanda!

  2. I've read many of those thought provocative classic novels and short stories which you've reminded me of. You're sounding like my high school English teacher, always giving little shpeels on how the world is progessively becoming this or that which he tied in with the current reading assignment. He also hates Stephen King. But I think you should become and lit teacher.


  3. i loved the "musicians of verse, chorus..." bit. jd salinger doesn't surprise me. but harper lee? really? wow. that is thought-provoking... will people be saying that someday of amanda luedeke? who knows? what's the word count?