Sunday, August 2, 2009

Staying Above the Yellow Line

Here is an unflattering photo of me in a shirt I haven't worn in public since circa 2007. This is because I became too skinny for the shirt. Now, as the picture clearly shows, the shirt has shrunk.

Or, I have grown.

In a conversation with my sister, we joked that I was the perfect candidate for a commercial:

"After getting married, I just lost motivation. I gained weight and got to the point where no matter what I did, I wasn't capable of summoning the strength to work it off."

The REAL joke, however, was that I've only been married 3.5 months. 3.5 months and I'm already a walking, talking infomercial. Apparently, I fall off the wagon hard and fast.

But there's good news! I once again have a reason to loose weight. But it's top secret.

(More info coming later . . .)


  1. Amanda, you're still looking great! I have these issues as well, and after Tom's sister-in-law posted a number of photos of facebook of our family visit, I suddenly found extreme motivation...gaaah! And I admire your August writing commitment!

  2. .....I think i know what that secret is and I am going to keep my mouth shut :D Plus I love how tad is just constantly with his pencil and looking at the picture too. Love it Amanda again, you inspire me

  3. Is that Tad in the back, drawing you?

  4. What's the secret? What's the secret?!

  5. Thanks, Sara! And I think you too should write daily!

    Chip - haha. actually, Tad was drawing a Mech. Which is like a robot thing. But I'm not entirely sure.

    Ashlee - ;)
    And yes, I am a very very sad superhero

  6. that secret almost made me run tonight after work

    internet sounded nicer

    maybe tomorrow??

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