Monday, August 3, 2009

Wedding the Maiden from the Fields

Once upon a time in the land of Sir Wayne's Fort, there lived a lonely boy named Andrew. Every Thursday evening at approximately 9:30pm, this boy was visited by the matchmaking gypsy, Amonda. It was during one of these visits that this foreseer took pity upon the boy and said, "It is not good for Andrew to be alone. He shall have a girlfriend."

Amonda told the boy of a fair maiden with golden hair who lived in the fields. Her name was Ashlee with Two "e's".

At first the boy seemed to question Amonda's vision, but after a zillion fortnights of poking and prodding, and a number of sessions in which the constellation, Cassiopeia, was sought for counsel, the boy stormed to the fields to rescue fair Ashlee with Two "e's" from her life in the middle of nowhere.

Three full moons later (or however long eight months is), the maiden agreed to be his.

The pair will be wed in January. Festivities to follow.

Congratulations, Ashlee and Andrew!
And now, a few funny photos . . .

Stiff fingers:

And I can only assume she's trying to be a dolphin in this photo . . . or dead weight:

But we like this one as long as the smooching is minimal (no, we are not jealous):

And we definitely like this one:

So, there you have it. My reason to lose weight . . . a bridesmaid dress!!

*Photos courtesy of Ashlee's facebook page . . . because there are a zillion there.