Thursday, August 6, 2009

Homeless Hang Out

Because Tad doesn't have a job, he's had to find some way to occupy his time and curb his inner desire to play video games all day long. His solution? Nearly everyday, Tad rides his bike to the downtown library.

The Allen County Public Library is pretty pimp. There's a Dunkin' Donuts on the main floor, we have the largest (or second largest) genealogical section in the US, and there's a substantial number of DVD's, Blue Ray movies and CDs that can be checked out for three days. So, it's not the shabbiest place on the block.

But still.

The other day, when he parked his bike at the bike rack and took a look around, he realized he was one of those people. The people who ride their bikes to the library because they don't have jobs, don't cars or have anything better to do all day. Some would call them homeless. Others would call them deadbeats. Tad, is neither, yet he could easily be mistaken as one.

My response to this was less than sympathetic.

"Well at least you don't have to go there to use the internet. Remember the entire summer I spent there looking for a job? Sat in that stinky room next to greasy-haired creepers who are managing to hold 15 IM conversations at once while playing Yahoo pool and chatting with their latest MySpace booty call. Yeah, that made me feel good about myself."

So, maybe I could work on being more supportive and understanding.

In the meantime, here's a photo of the internet cafe I frequented while in Antalya, Turkey. It was always full of guys playing Halo (or whatever their equivalent was) and, if I wasn't careful, my emails would show up with unidentafiable characters, such as ş or ç.

And if I really wasn't careful, the police would come and raid our apartment (which they did twice).



  1. haha very cool. I feel dejavu with this blog....and NorthBrook Public Library has the 3rd biggst selection ever IL (does your libray let you check out all 6 seasons of mcgiver? (you have a pay a stinking $1.00 for DVDS gives you a week for Movies in IL while my home library (not extended branch interlibary) Indian trails does everything for 3 weeks :) (not competeing just pointing out :)

  2. blast those mormons for having the largest genealogical collection in the nation!!

  3. Um I don't really know what you just said, Jeremy, but the library lets you have up to 6 DVDs for 3 days for free. You can renew if you want. And yes, they Have MacGyver.

  4. is it sad i actually miss the downtown library? maybe, but i do. and now i'm one of those people hanging out at the library, looking for a job. but i'm thankful school has started, because now i don't have to search amidst 12 year-olds...who i'm sure are thinking i'm an old fart.