Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Extra, Extra! Husband Uses Craigslist to Turn New Leaf

This just in: Avid collector, Tad Luedeke, is quote turning over a new leaf, end quote, and selling many of his old toys.

Luedeke says, and I quote, You know where my stuff is now? It's sitting in boxes in the corner. And it's going to keep sitting there. End quote.

He went on to say, quote, I just realized I have too much stuff and no use for it anymore. End quote.

The list of items to go up for sale soon on Craigslist include

HeroScape Collection
Magic the Gathering cards (an estimated 5 decks)
Nerf Magstrike
Nerf Recon
Nerf Titan Launcher with Hornet and Scout
Pirates of the Spanish Main game collection
Mage Knight collection

When asked why he's doing this, Luedeke said, quote, I'm a new man. I'm married. Oh, and this really cool game called Arcane Legions is coming out soon and I want to be sure to have enough money so that I can buy a bunch right away. So put it on your blog in case anyone wants to buy some stuff. End quote.

He later revealed that in two years' time even his Arcane Legions items would probably be for sale.

Reporting from Dreamland, this is Dandi Mandi, wondering whoare you and what have you done with my husband?

Back to you, reality.

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  1. i told tad i would buy his nerd toys if he would buy my house

    he thought it was a raw deal