Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tough Questions with Fidel Castro

So . . . Fidel Castro is up and kickin'. Seeing him alive brings back a deep desire I've had for a number of years.

I want nothing more than to meet with the former Cuban Prime Minister and ask him the 'tough' questions. You know, questions like:

- If you could do it all over again, would you? What would you change?
- Do you believe Cuba is better off because of you? How so?
- What about the vast number of emigrants? What of the claims that you are a dictator?

Then, I'd lean in real close, drop my voice a few notches and wrinkle my brow:

- And what about Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, Fidel? He was one of your best friends . . . your most trusted allies. He helped you achieve victory. And yet he died in Bolivia at the hand of the enemy when many sources report he could have been saved. You, Fidel, could have saved him. How often have you thought of your old friend? Do you have any regrets over the choices you made?

I truly believe I'd get away with it because I'm nothing more than a silly girl with an odd interest in the Cuban Revolution and no real media ties or ulterior motives. Just a girl who wants answers. All I have to do is put together some snazzy letter with some sort of persuasive bent on why it would be a good political/PR move and presto. Lo tengo.

And face it, now that he's a weathered old man with less of a gusto toward muerte, I stand a good chance.

Now, if I can only dig up my old address book . . . where did I put that thing . . .

Also, this is a rather odd endorsement. Doesn't really give the warm and cozies about health care, now does it.


  1. Oh, Amanda, I miss the days when you and kim manon and finker would make up a "CHE GUEVARA" poster group on facebook back in the may 06 day and revolt against TUFW changeing graduation day to Friday Rather than Saturday (or was it the other way around i cant remember) dont ever drop this amazing interest. I think you can move Mountains with this. Infact Mountains Ah, I am inspired once again by you You rock

  2. Wow... I'd like to know this myself. How awsome would it be if you heard from someone in his party? :) Mostly... I'd just like to be able to vacation down there.