Friday, August 7, 2009

But You Didn't Tell Me That You Have to Put a Roof Over Your Sim's House and Now a Bunch of Snow is in My Man Room!

After talking each other out of throwing together some items to sell at the Kern Valley neighborhood garage sale (Tad didn't want to spend his Friday looking through his toys, and I didn't want to spend my evening looking through clothes . . . only to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and sit in a lawn chair . . . ), Tad and I decided we're going to be garage salers tomorrow.

On my list? A small computer desk and books.

On Tad's list? Probably things he'll just end up re-selling at NEXT year's sale. I'm not even joking. He has quite the knack for brief hobbies.

Which, I'm totally enjoying right now, because suddenly he's been on a Sims 2 kick, which means that instead of talking about team stats and ousting terrorists, he's talking about expanding onto his house and how he turned down a job offer so that his "dude" could fulfill his lifetime aspiration of being a top chef!

This excites me very much.

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  1. would it suprise you that i sat and watched mark beat call of duty 3 the other weekend? i think by the 5th mission, i finally had an inkling what the game was about.