Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My attempt to move from one point to another, 4 miles away.

At .3 miles: I am interrupted briefly by a phone call

At 1.0 miles: Feeling good. I'm sure I could try for 8 if I wanted.

At 2.0 miles: I begin to experience stabbing pains in my side, due to improper breath support. I quickly correct my breathing.

At 2.5 miles: An invisible man is tying my abdominal muscles in knots. The pain is excruciating.

At 3.0 miles: I am feeling pain all over my body, specifically in my knee where my Femur is jabbing into my Fibula. The rest of me feels somewhat liquified.

At 3.5 miles: The stabbing pains return, this time due to exhaustion. My thigh itches. I touch it and am surprised by the lack of feeling in my legs. I liken it to a dead fish. . .I know I can finish.

At 4.0 miles: Teleportation was successful. I am relieved. My time is 42.58.

And so was the log of when I decided to run 4 miles after having gone 8 weeks of running no further than 2. That's right. Before the wedding I was a running guru. Now, I'm a running wimp.

I keep thinking that magically, and without any effort, I'll realize "oh, I ran 3 miles today!" or "oh! I just went for 4!". But that never seems to happen until you make it happen. So, today was that day.

The pain, however, made me want to die.


  1. That's four miles further than I ran . . . this decade.

  2. at least you didn't wimp out
    with a lame-o excuse
    that is true, but lame

  3. You are hilarious, Palmer.

    Cassie, just don't get fat.