Monday, May 4, 2009

Medic! Medic!

I am being literal when I say this:

Tad spent ALL of yesterday running around the woods with 30 grown men (and boys). We're talking between the ages of 15 and 55. Running. Frolicking. Playing.

Did I mention they were dressed up? Did I mention some of them carried AK-47s? M-16s? Did I mention they were imagining their 3 acres in Bloomington, Indiana were actually Vietnamese swamps? French farmlands? Iraqi cities? The dirty south (no offense)? Did I mention this shin-dig was organized? Did I mention it's especially popular in California? In Japan?

Tad should be grateful that not only am I okay with this strange hobby, but he's one of the few players who's married. Very grateful. But I digress... Tad has so thoughtfully shared a link should anyone be interested in learning more.

He also allowed me to photo-document this epic journey from man to machine

(Top from Left to Right: All of the crap Tad carried on his person while airsoft-ing, Tad getting suited up in a flash. Left: A solo shot of his gun stuff. Below: The final product)

And what did I do on Sunday? I went shopping.

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  1. free shopping ... even better than shopping!!
    it cost us nothing!!