Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spock Talk

One of the unspoken agreements between Tad and I before we got married was that I was still going to appreciate Zachary Quinto....and accompany him to the Star Trek premiere:

It was a wonderful time, only momentarily ruined when the Priceline Negotiator decided to hang around a bit for a chat. Seriously . . . I had to excuse myself and ended up in a most excellent conversation with Leonard Nimoy.

Needless to say, I was exceptionally excited to actually go see Star Trek with Tad last night. And I really enjoyed it. Truly. I'm nowhere near a Trekkie. Quinto was the only reason I even thought about seeing the film, but it was the very opportunity Tad needed to inundate me with old tv episodes and movies. I soon developed a fondness for Spock...not because of Quinto, but because he's hands down the best character on the show.

1) No one likes the way Kirk talks.
2) No one likes how Kirk totally pudges out as the movies progress.
3) No one likes Chekov's horrible attempt at a Soviet accent.
4) No one is excited when Sulu pushes a button and acts as though he saves the day.
5) No one really cares when Scotty opens his mouth except to hear his accent.
6) Some people find Uhura interesting because she's the prettiest, but her bluetooth gets annoying.
6) A few may enjoy Dr. McCoy's (not to be confused with Hank McCoy) jokes and pessimism, but let's face it...

Nothing is as good as Spock's hilarious comebacks, his appreciation for girl talk (Ex: when Bones totally had like an amazon woman girlfriend and at the end Spock and Kirk were like " have anything to tell us?"), and the fact that he towers above eveyone on the ship.

Or perhaps I just like him because of all the characters, his ways most remind me of Tad.

I don't like how Spock has few if any synonyms for "logical".


  1. sigh why didnt you go with us when Josh and gabe went? i havent seen you yet!

  2. Spock reminds you of Tad because he never changes expressions . . .

  3. OH MY GOSH! I'm totally in love with Spock also! I want to go see it again just for him. I think it's his emotional unavailability that lures me!

  4. OH MY GOSH! I'm totally in love with Spock too! I think it's his emotional unavailability that lures me!