Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Got Drafted.

Before Tad and I were married, I said that I would join the armed forces on two conditions.

1) That I see some action. None of this getting stationed in the UK for a year, staring at dots on a monitor while my friends are saving civilians and pushing back the insurgence.

2) That I get to wear whatever I want. Or at least get to take my uniforms to a tailor.

Because the second would never happen and the first would be very hard to achieve as a woman, the military has lost a recruit. . .

. . . while the state of Indiana's judicial system obtained one.

I received a sort of preliminary summons yesterday for jury duty.

I'll get called. I've gotten called before. Consequently, I helped save a nice, old man from having to pay a crazy nutcase of a woman hundreds of dollars. See? I saved a civilian while holding off the insurgence.

And I got to wear whatever I wanted.


  1. Amanda....I got the same thing! I filled it out and returned it. Maybe we'll have jury duty together! Remember when I pretended to be you and called and said I was away in college, there I could not do Jury Duty. Oh Good Times!