Saturday, May 30, 2009


Jay-Bay is my brother. I love him.

Ry-By is my brother too. But he usually looks like this:

So I don't love him as much.

Jay-Bay is different. Maybe it's how we used to have a song that was our song. Or a codename that was our codename. Or maybe it's how he used to guilt me into playing all the way through Turtles in Time when it was 1am and then I'd guilt him into scratching my arms and walking on my back.

Or maybe it's how of all the Heinsch kids, I'm most like Bay and he's most like me.

Happy Birthday, Jared!
P.S. I secretly really like it when you tell/text/facebook message me about what's going on in your personal life.

Shout out to my sister in law, Laura, for the first two pictures. She doesn't know it, but I stole them because they were GREAT.

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