Monday, September 21, 2009

Desperate Housewife - Part 1 (of infinite)

Confession 1:

I clip coupons--I am a coupon clipper. I keep my stash in my coin purse and use it to guide my shopping. And . . . I am aggressive.

If the coupon says buy one, get one and I happen to have two of the same, I'll end up with four items when I only needed one.

If the coupon says "expries 09/20/09" and the date is 09/21/09, I'll slip it to the cashier anyway just in case they aren't paying attention.

If the coupon says "offer only valid at 4am on a Saturday morning when the wind is blowing westerly at 15mph and two red cars are parked side by side in the center lane of the parking lot", then you'd better believe I'll be the first in line as soon as that second car turns off his engine.

And, if I happen to have a coupon that will save me $1 on the purchase of two items, but I failed to put it in my coin purse and have thence found myself at the grocery store (wal-mart) without it . . . well, then I'll simply pass up those items.

Because a good coupon should never go to waste.

I am ashamed of this.


  1. Oohhh, I have a similar condition, but somewhat milder. I've called people up for lunch just so I can use my "buy one shake get one free" coupon at Steak N Shake.

  2. I loved this post because I can relate to you on these examples to a "T". I hate that feeling when something is on sale and I do not have my coupon for that item with can ruin my day.

  3. Ahem... I refused to buy Mark cough drops and herbal tea (he has the flu) until I found coupons for them. Fortunately, they came up in my weekly scouring of the Sunday paper. I too am ashamed of this...

    And I hate it when you don't read the coupon all the way or miss something in the fine print and end up with the cashier's computer squawking at you...until they find out why the coupon isn't working...

    And coupons are the very reason I'm trying to find every dish imaginable that I can make with brown rice...I believe we now have a 6 month supply.