Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Musings: Movies with Language

1. It is always helpful to have a pack of blank notecards in your purse when attending a bachelorette party.

2. It is always dangerous when, as a new pastor in a small town, you sneak out to the big city to see a movie with the word "Bast***s" in the title, because chances are the Senior Pastor has snuck out to the big city as well--except in his case, it's for some serious shopping and stir fry. In this particular dangerous situation, he'll be seated on a bench outside of the theater, people-watching for some good Sunday morning sermon stories, while his wife and her close friend (who is wearing a Bob the Tomato t-shirt) finish some shopping for Children's Ministries. He'll see you, and happily strike up conversation, asking what movie you intend to see, and you'll have to tell him, stating the name of the movie not once, but twice because he thought he didn't hear you correctly. He'll hide his devastation, because he wants to appear relevant, but there's no getting around the fact that God's #1 Guy caught you paying $8.50 to see a movie that has the word "bast***s" in the title. And then Tad will repeat "Be sure your sins will find you out" the rest of the evening.

3. It is always optimistic to think that you can learn a language listening to cd's from the library at work and during work outs. But if the people on TV and in the movies can do it, why not give it a try? (wish me luck!)


  1. You are hilarious......When I have my show you will be my communication supervisor and then all the other writer friends can write scripts........This made me laugh BTW the stupid theater (when i move to CA i wont miss it) they are now chargeing $10.00 for tickets......Your Precious IL blows chunks >:(
    Keep being you amanda you're brillant

  2. wow ... most unflattering photo ever, i guess a need a new go-to face for crazy pictures

    poor zack, i'm still feeling uncomfortable for him

  3. I suppose you didn't notice, then, how I look like a skeleton/phantom in the last photo?

    You should take a look. It may make you feel better about yourself.