Thursday, September 17, 2009

RIP Mary Travers

Mary Travers is dead.

This shouldn't affect me, but it does.

I cannot stop thinking about the many times my dad would call us in to catch a bit of whatever Peter, Paul & Mary special PBS had playing during pledge week. He'd have us watch song after song, singing along and re-living his youth.

We fought it.

They were old-looking, after all. Not hip enough. Just a bunch of anti-Vietnam hippies who sang about weed.

I was bothered by the way Mary flipped her hair when she sang. Those stick-straight bangs. And that guy who always hunched over his guitar was just a bit on the creepy side. I like the taller one. He seemed the most normal.

So, we really fought it. Each and every time.

Especially when my dad would draw similarities between myself and Mary. The last thing I wanted was to be thought of as a mini-Mary.

But now, looking back at photos of her before her leukemia--before Peter, Paul & Mommy, I realize I should have been flattered.


  1. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! This is why I hate September.

    Patrick Swayze, (by bye johnny)

    My 2nd grandfather

    and Mary now??????

    this just makes me even more sad. :(

  2. As anti-establishment as they were, and I am not, well sort of not, there was something majestic and to the heart about them. As a boy, my favorite was "Autumn to May" ~Dad

  3. AUTUMN TO MAY (maybe copy paste)...
    (sorry if it doesn't worth looking up for a listen) ~rgh