Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vote for Your Favorite Do!

First things first, it's endless shrimp time at Red Lobster! I literally wait in salivated anticipation for this event and it's finally here! Now, to save up the cash and train my stomach...

P.s. it seems as though they've removed the shrimp pasta as an endless shrimp selection...boo. Also, it appears they've done away with your choice of side...also boo.

Now, for what you've all been waiting for. . .

I'm going to get a haircut! Yay! I'm thinking of something like this (mostly because the lady's hair reminds me of my own puffball):

Or maybe something like this:

I'm leaning toward the second one for obvious reasons, but what do you all think? Suggestions? Ideas? I'm too poor to get it colored, so any highlighting/lowlighting ideas area no-go, and I'd like for it to brush my shoulders (as my one experience with jawline short hair was so bad even the Mexicans at Logan's stopped whistling at me).

So these are my ideas....anyone got ideas? Input?


  1. 2nd one go for the second one! i love the style and I think you should merge the cut you have to left of this blog (in your purple shirt) and merge it with Image #2. Image number 1 looks too punk rockie. You are not a Punker (you used to be your sophmore year when we where hanging out with the wiltons :) But not anymore you are a married woman now go with Image #2 and mix it with the "amanda likes her pankakes ultra thin" etc etc. picture thats my suggestion.... Go for that. If that helps. THANKS PAM! i am going to "fake fire you" :) JK JK

  2. option two, no doubt about it

  3. I concur with the above two comments...#2, and a bit longer if you like. By the way, Jared has the Midlake album "The Trials of VAN OCCUPANTHER".

  4. Number two is looking to be the unanimous winner...