Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Desperate Housewife - Part 2 (of infinite)

Confession 2:

I am up to my ears in laundry--I am literally wading through it as we speak. My laundry collection is so vast I could clothe a small country of women sizes 14 to 4. And . . . I will continue to put it off.

When 8pm rolls around and I've finally gotten to that point of the day where I can do whatever the heck I choose, the last thing on my list is "Begin working on the five hundred loads of laundry you have strewn across your bedroom floor". . .

. . . mostly because:

- I do not like journeying to the basement of the apartment complex in the night (it's a really long walk)
- I do not like carrying/dragging a million pounds of laundry with me
- I do not like having to return to said dungeon multiple times in one night
- I do not like folding laundry
- The laundry will just end up right back where it started because I do not have a dresser (admittedly, though, it'll be clean)

It took an act of Tad to sort through it all and get me to the point where I started thinking about actually doing laundry. But now I realize I have no fewer than 7 loads ahead of me.

That's what? . . . a million and one pieces of clothing that I possess in sizes 4 to 14? My eco footprint is sounding more like an eco grand canyon.

And yet I have nothing to wear.

To which Tad would reply: You have a million things to wear.

To which I would reply: Yeah, but nothing sounds good.

Or, depending on how much time elapses before I begin laundry season: Yeah, but nothings clean.

I am ashamed of this.


  1. May I be father for a minute?
    Step One: Put all clothing into plastic bags.
    Step Two: Put bags in car.
    Step Three: Grab a good book.
    Step Four: Drive to laundromat.
    Step Five: Do all the loads at once, reading book while the deed gets done.
    Step Six: Drive home with clean clothes. SO much easier than doing single loads. Yeah, it costs a bit more. So what?

  2. clean only one thing. Your Pam purple shirt from the office and you'll be good :) wear nothing but that XD just playing.......

  3. jed and i have that conversation at least twice a week.