Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Color Critics

One of the best part about weddings is seeing all of the bride's 'likes' come to life--and then gossiping about it afterword.

  • I KNEW she'd have a traditional wedding, Canon in D and all!
  • I surely didn't expect bridesmaids to wear halters . . . I was thinking more of a full-length strapless.
  • Can you believe she didn't have a veil?!
  • I always thought her dress would be more frilly.
  • Sweet Home Alabama at the reception? That was totally not her.

Such musings can also take place before the wedding, as friends and guests predict or comment upon what they expect to experience and what they already know to be true.
Such a conversation between friends who are headed out to a wedding is going on now. Let's listen in . . .

Amanda: Her colors are pink and purple. I'm just not seeing it.
Ashlee: Well Andrew's wearing yellow, so I expect that to be there too.
Amanda: Pink and purple and yellow?
Ashlee: That's what Andrew said.
Amanda: I suppose that will make it all come together. I was wondering about just the pink and purple because they were so rich.
Ashlee: Where'd you see them?
Amanda: On the invitations. It was like a magenta-like pink and a deep, royal purple.
Ashlee: Well the yellow is light.
Amanda: I just don't see those colors working well together.
Ashlee: I don't know...
Amanda: I mean, pink and purple? I could see having pink or purple. But both? And they seem to be really rich . . . really rich like this pink color here on my dress. *points to dress*
Ashlee: Ooohhh.
Amanda: And this purple here on my dress. *points to dress*
Ashlee: Ooohhh.
Amanda: Just don't see those colors working. Oh, wait, there's light yellow on my dress too!
Ashlee: OOOHHH.
Amanda: Well, THAT'S embarassing.

Word to the wedding-gossip-wise: Never wear the exact color combination that you're about to critique.


  1. hahahah amanda! I do that too! you at least had a postive wedding experience I won't :(

  2. Ha! Ha! I'm so glad you posted this!