Wednesday, June 10, 2009

With Age Comes Lameness

I'll never forget the first time I realized that I'd officially become 'old'. It happened some years ago. A certain guy had caught my eye and it wasn't until I actually thought about it that I realized he had one trait that would have sent me packing had he come into my life a few months prior.

He was balding.

And because I was 'old', it didn't matter. In fact, it was almost attractive.

It was at this point that I crossed into a certain level of maturity and 'oldness' that has left me hopelessly fighting for a way out ever since. But there's no escape. Once old, always old.

And that is why I'm sitting here blogging instead of having a brat with kraut at Germanfest. Because my age and lameness has gotten the best of me. Because heading out for some polka at 9pm suddenly seems like a death wish. Because I'd rather stay at home with a sick Tad than socialize, take pictures, and act silly.

I hate getting old. But I can't stop. I am compelled to choose what can only age me more.


  1. I hear ya Amanda.....Where the same age......Tad thinks i'm balding but I'm not I just have stress issues, and it just looks that way.....I went to the doctor and he told me my head was fine and the minor missing hair would grow back.....where both old, and all of sudden I love sleeping! almost more than anything else!!!!! face when you like sleep, you know your getting old.......oh man......if we could turn back time.....and be young again but we can't........

  2. i knew you'd never last that late into the night (:
    i must b rubbing off on you

    cassie o