Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How many days would I survive a Zombie apocalypse?

I took a facebook quiz today, and . . .

You've survived the entire Zombie Apocalypse!!


You are the ultimate zombie killing deity. You kill them by the thousands, with strategic traps and land mines. Not to mention all of the weapons you've stored in your closet in case of a zombie invasion. The only cost is all of your friends and family. You spend so much time locked in your house you never see them. When the invasion happens you send one of your friends to get food, but you know what your really did. You used him/her to lure zombies away from the house. You smirk as you watch him/her get devoured.

Good to know. Good to know.

I think the problem here, is that while I may know how to survive, there's no guarantee I'm going to have an M16 on hand with a zillion land mines AND the guts to sacrifice my friend.

Better get working on that before the Swine Flu gets any worse. Seriously, people. We're at PHASE 6. That means PANDEMIC. look here

And pandemic means zombies. It's happened before. Think Black Death.

I would invite you all to chill with me, but as one of the quiz questions made me realize, I'd rather hole up alone . . . one other person max. Can't risk having too much stupid present when it's life and death.

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