Sunday, June 7, 2009

Povitica, french roast, Feist, and utter laziness.

Tad is off playing airsoft, and I've been pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying being alone.

For the first time since we married, I've been able to:

1) Watch exactly what I want on television whenever I want and for however long I want. First, I chose Roger Federer, then Billy Elliot.
2) Hold the remote control myself the entire time.
3) Utilize the PS3 as a CD player and not a gaming console. Feist was the artist of choice.
4) Enjoy hours upon end in my living room without the sound of gunfire and pending doom.
5) Go back to sleep without being followed or questioned.
6) Read in perfect and perpetual silence.
7) Eat povitica, drink french roast coffee and sit at the computer WHILE having the television on the channel of MY choosing. (This is special, because generally, Tad gets one machine and I the other).
8) Pretend like I'm a rockstar in front of the mirror with the bathroom door open.
9) Seriously contemplate working on one of my novels or scripts without wondering if the noise around me will be too distracting.
10) Sit at Tad's desk and write at his computer without feeling like the 'rude' roommate who always uses stuff that doesn't belong to me.

Yes, I've been lazy all day long.

With that being said, I don't quite know what to make of today. I had been worried all week long of pending loneliness. 9 hours? What would I do? Who would I talk to? I can only play so many rounds of MahJong solitaire! Don't go, Tad. Don't go!

But now I'm happy he went.

I think it's healthy on both levels . . . to dread the thought of his absense but enjoy the opportunity to be with myself.


  1. I agree as much as I hate it I hate being alone but 15 mn later i am LIKE YES!!!!! I enjoy solitude when making my movies and not people watching my creations........good for you amanda!

  2. I love 5 & 6. I'm honestly a little afraid of losing my silent reading time...

  3. BethEmily,
    Silent reading time comes in 10 minute intervals. FYI.

  4. also, Amanda you dont know what your missing....Go SEE BILLY ELLIOT: THE MUSICAL its freaking awesome!!!!!! much better than that stupid movie.............