Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't I feel salty...

Do you see it?

How about there?


I have a sweat issue. Thankfully, today was cool, dry-pitt weather. Unthankfully, I forgot that the last time I wore this pink shirt, it had been in the 90's and I was stuck in a stuffy conference room for hours on end.

Unthankfully, I forgot about the subsequent salt ring on my shirt.

Unthankfully, I saw the ring while in the bathroom at work, AFTER I had completed a meeting with a client and AFTER I had put more than half the day behind me.

How many times had I raised my arms in public that day? How often had I placed my hands on my hips? How frequently had I reached for something in front of someone else? HOW OFTEN HAD I MORTIFIED EVERYONE WITHIN TWENTY FEET OF MY SALT RINGS??


  1. oh amanda just get predander. its for after you put on the deodorant...... its embarassing but its cool ive never seen a "Salt Ring" :D

  2. Oh my gosh. I also suffer from sweat issues. And after the fact, I always think, "I'm cool with my co-workers...why didn't someone SAY something?"

    Is it awkward that I've never commented on your blog before, and I've come out only to say that I also have discovered the dreaded salt-ring under my pits? Yikes.