Monday, June 8, 2009

Rehab? I said no, no, no!

I'm trying to break a very bad habit. Well, trying to lessen a very bad habit.

Each day goes something like this:

8:45am -- 16oz coffee (mostly decaf)
10:00am--16oz coffee (not as mostly as before but still mostly decaf)
2:30pm--14oz coffee (half caf)

End of day total: 46oz coffee

This is not healthy no matter how much of it is decaf.

My new days are going like this:

8:45am -- 16oz coffee (mostly decaf)
10:00am--16oz water
2:30pm--14oz coffee (half caf)

End of day total: 30oz coffee, 16oz water (on top of normal water drinkage).

This looks better. I hope it's something I can build on. Because you know there's a problem when you go through a pregnancy scare and the most you can do is cut it down to 30oz a day. Yes, you heard me. I was not willing to give up coffee when I was 99% sure I was preggo.

And that, my friends, is what you call an addiction.


  1. Why dont you just drink coffee in the morning, and drink nothing but water the rest of the day? Why do you need 30OZ OF COFFEE? geez you realize that stuff not only stunts growth, it also kills protein building blocks which you need in your skin and hair!!!!! eh have a hairless baby then everyone will ask :D

  2. Because...when you're addicted and you get that terrible headache at about 2:00pm telling you that you need your next cup. Well, it's just bad! The preggo scare though...that makes me smile Amanda. I knew it would happen soon...scare or real!

  3. how were you 99% sure you were preggers and i didn't know??

    cassie o