Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Hodgepodge of Funny

Weekend Recap

It isn't everyday you see grown men in Lederhosen do this:

I realize it's hard to see, so allow me to frame the picture more thoroughly . . . 6 men congregate backstage at Germanfest (in front of the bathrooms) to practice their upcoming show-stopper: a traditional German polka dance. The dance involves lots of leg-smacking and over and unders. I don't know how to explain it any better. I was able to capture this moment, as we were seated a mere 10 yards from the excited entertainers.

Also, I'm feeling quite popular these days, as suddenly all these straight-faced lawyers are graveling for my attention. If you're a daytime TV-watching Fort Wayne resident, you may recall the shifty-eyed Dr. Kelso look-alike with Glaser and Ebbs? Or, the hard-nosed gangster from Blackburn & Green? Or perhaps the comfortable down-to-business McNally?

Yeah, they all want me.

They want to make sure to turn wrongs into my rights! I mean, there's "thousands" in claims I'm overlooking! Laws I cannot even fathom! Sleep I'm missing out on! A settlement that isn't in my best interest! AND I'm being given the "runaround"!

Well, it's a good thing my initial call and consultation won't cost a thing. Now, who to call . . .

Well these guys know about a secret law that passed July 1, 1991 . . . wonder what that is . . .

Oooh! This one has supplied me with a 29 question quiz to test whether they're legit . . . wonder if they can pass . . .

And these people went to prestigious law schools and graduated top in their class . . .

Aha! Here's a plastic business card from Glaser and Ebbs that already has my name on it! (see photo above)

No one else put in that much TLC!

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  1. Amanda you're a genious.....I can't compete with you're blogs.....But Please read mine because they are funny :D just like you'rs I hope you didn't get heartburn during these germans weekends...........anywho.... You rock