Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nicknaming Bad Guys

Brad: "Did you guys hear about what's happening in Iran?"

Us: "What? No."

Brad: "No?!"

Us: "Nope."

Brad: "WELL . . . they just had elections and Ma-hi-ma Azh-er-min-a-jad-or-whatever-it-is, you know the really evil president of Iran?"

Us: "Yeah."

Brad: "Well he was up for re-election, but Mi-mir Hu-ssein Mu-sa-va-vay-or-whatever-it-is was predicted to win. I mean this guy came out of nowhere. Now, Mi-mir Hu-ssein Mu-sa-va-vay-or-whatever-it-is is pretty evil too. Maybe not as evil as Ma-hi-ma Azh-er-min-a-jad-or-whatever-it-is but still. Mi-mir Hu-ssein Mu-sa-va-vay-or-whatever-it-is is pretty evil. WELL, they don't have any computers, and after they tallied the votes they Ma-hi-ma Azh-er-min-a-jad-or-whatever-it-is won by a landslide and now there's rioting because they think it was staged because Mi-mir Hu-ssein Mu-sa-va-vay-or-whatever-it-is . . ."

Tad: "OKAY STOP! How about we refer to them as Super Evil Guy and Kind Of Evil Guy?"

Brad: "Okay."

Me: "Good."

Brad: "Okay, so what happened was....Kind Of Evil Guy was predicted to overtake Super Evil Guy but didn't. He didn't even win his own province. So now they're saying that it was rigged and that Kind Of Evil Guy wasn't given a chance. So now Iranians are rioting and getting killed. But they don't even care. They're tired of being bullied by Super Evil Guy."

Us: "Mmmmm."


  1. I love Brad so stinking much with you two

  2. Brad always has the most interesting conversations...