Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dead and Gone, Dead and Gone

Last night, I attended a celebrity-infused awards ceremony when out of nowhere, Kanye West's mother went into a seizure on the floor.

I was the first to rush to her side. She didn't make it through.

Kanye, grateful for my care and assistance, invited me to her funeral and to a private viewing in his hotel. I told him I'd try to make it.

Later, he called me to make sure I'd be there. I assured him I would, and, true to my word, attended (bringing Ashlee and Cassie along for the ride). While signing the guest book, I overheard a few people complaining about all the posers who pretended to care about her passing just so that they could get on Kanye's good side. I felt their eyes on me.

I immediately wished Kanye the best, and left the viewing.

Then I woke up.

What the heck happened?? I've never given Kanye West a second thought (except for when I noted that he actually wears pants that fit). I am going insane. Perhaps it's this alien life form.


  1. what did you eat last night? Pie? that might of been the problem

  2. You may want to ask the doctors to up your meds, Amanda.

  3. Well, it was a self preservation dream. You don't want to get on Kanye's bad side or you would have had a completely different dream!

  4. If you a pregnant (I'm new to this blog, so I don't know) then that makes your dreams so crazy and vivid real!

  5. did we get any money from him??

    cassie o