Friday, July 3, 2009

Potluck Initiation

And so it starts . . .

The never-ending adult activity of providing a dish for the potluck. It's a practice that eventually consumes us all, and suddenly we find ourselves making mounds of potato salad for the family reunion, "that-really-good-chocolate-pecan-dessert" for the nephew's graduation party, and fruit stuffing for the family Thanksgiving. Sure, it's all done to help out the people throwing the bash, but seriously . . . it never ends.

I've avoided my initiation for quite some time. Living a couple hundred miles from home, I've been able to pass as the guest at many events. But now, that I'm a wife . . . things are a bit more tricky, and, I'll admit it: I'm beginning to see why people end up offering their award-winning chili and secret-family-recipe spice cake over and over and over again.

Because initially, it seems fun.

I have a kitchen full of gadgets, two pie pans that haven't seen the light of day, and a hankering to show everyone that yes, I CAN make delicious foods and no, it WASN'T a big deal.

We go out to purchase ingredients for a certain Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie this afternoon.

More to come later tonight . . .


  1. speaking of pie pans ... we never baked

    cassie o

  2. is that the WW chocolate peanut butter pie? Remember, I would make that for us? haha

  3. It's not the WW's from Better Homes...but I DID remember the WW one. This is way fattier.